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We are Finnish software company specialized in developing modern mobile educational tools for healthcare and social services

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Stay ‘N Play - Paramedic simulator, the new way of developing your medical expertise. With realistic simulations of real-life medical scenarios, the Stay ‘N Play offers you a possibility to train your profession regardless of time and place. All you need is your Android or iOS device.

The application supports both individual and organisational learning through interactivity and real-time feedback.

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Stay and Play app (in Finnish)

Unique application – based learning


You can take care of your patients as you would in real life. Medical situations are designed and made with care by professionals of the Finnish healthcare services.


We can customize our products to follow your organisations guidelines in medical procedures and medicinal treatment.

Assigning tasks and checking statistics

You can use our web-service to assign certain type of tasks to your employees/students, and get statistic of their progress!


Want some freedom in learning? Sure, no problem! Just pop up your Android or iOS device from your pocket and start educating yourself anywhere and anytime you want!

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